Coaching & Tuition

District64's work is created by filtering and distilling down ideas through a collaborative process; engaging rich imaginations and fuelling individual interpretations and voices.  That approach is at the heart of what we do.

At District6, we love theatre that is immediate, thought provoking, surprising, dangerous and innovative.  This follows through from our ensemble work to our 1 to 1 coaching, delivered by RADA graduates and NYT alumni. 


Through these 1 to 1 sessions, aimed at drama school or scholarship auditions, we aim to replicate the integrity and expertise of drama school coaching.  This is a unique offering -  to be able to draw upon RADA and NYT training and perspective.

Standing on the shoulders of great theatre practitioners including Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, Doreen Cannon former RADA Head of Acting and Frantic Assembly, District64 has developed its own methodology and way of working with students 1 to 1, which is tailored to the individual actor and allows for true exploration and experimentation.  We work with young performers who love our processes and so in the moment and immersed that you wouldn't know they were acting.  

District64 students are coached to be fully involved, playing moment to moment. with a sense of immediacy; a sense of do it now!  The outcome is 'being' in performance, rather than playing at being or giving 'presentational performances.'  Our aim is for our performers to experience transformational interpretations; fully inhabiting characters; never forgetting they are playing living, breathing human beings with wants, needs and desires.

At District64, we believe it's a waste of creative talent if our student's first thought were ‘I know who this person is; she/he is just like me,’ and therefore pull the character towards you. At Distict64 we encourage our students to imagine that there is a piece of extraordinarily stretchy elastic attached to their solar plexus reaching from them to the character. It is much more fun, more challenging, to try to stretch the elastic as far as it can go: and in any direction.

At District64, our unique and inspirational processes encourage performers to change, adapt, evolve and contradict themselves continually - after all, without risk, there can be no change, no progress - we learn from failure - and we support and nurture through these inspirational processes.

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"To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong"

Joseph Chilton Pearce