Embedded in Distict64's DNA is the drive to bring young, passionate performers together as a company and to give them the support platform, springboard and space to immerse and create.  We nurture and foster a sense of belonging and creative collaboration in a supportive, passionate and nurturing environment.


District64 support and enable young performers in creating relevant theatre for young people regarding current issues they face every day. Our work is about energy, engagement, bravery, passion and empowerment.  We are storytellers giving voice to those stories that often go unheard or tackling emotive subjects with bravery.


Drawing on aspects of physical theatre inspired by Frantic Assembly, Stanislavski's Method and Joan Littlewood's work, we devise, through collaborative discussion and building blocks, thought provoking, relevant, immersive and challenging pieces of theatre by young people for young people.


District64 create theatre pieces about burning issues that face young people; to elicit and open conversations and keep them going.


Learning and creating is such an innate ability.  Creative play combined with learning is how we find our niche and passions in life. 


As District64 founders we are passionate about preparing young people for their future by encouraging them to find their niche through experimenting with the broadest range of creative experiences we can offer, alongside a strong grounding in the fundamentals. It’s important to us that these creative experiences are fulfilling rather than simply “cool” or “what is expected.”


District64 fundamentals as inspired by the author Bryan Skavnak

“Some kids are smarter than you, some kids have cooler clothes than you, some kids are better at sports than you. It doesn't matter...you have your thing too. Be the kid who can get along. The kid that is generous. The kid that is happy for other people. The kid that does the right thing. The kid that tries his best. Be the nice kid.  Be a District64 kid.” 


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"This isn't amateur night in dixie people!"

Janet Rainer